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Radioform specializes in manufacturing low cost injection molded enclosures for wireless products. By utilizing an aluminum insert system for our molds, we are able turn your CAD file, sketch, or prototype into a functional injection molded part in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional mold tooling.


Plastics For Less!

Radioform offers complete 3D CAD design services. We can use your design or start from scratch.

Radioform has developed an aluminum insert system which allows us to quickly and cost-effectively fabricate your mold using CNC machining.

When tooling is complete, your mold insert is fastened into one of our standard mold bases and is ready for injection.

Test fixtures
Sheet metal fabrication
Custom shielding

Battery clip design
Helmholtz chamber design
Miniture radio enclosure design
PCB Prototyping


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Wireless Enclosure Design

Radioform manufactures custom injection molded parts specializing in remote control enclosures. We can take your CAD files, prototypes, or sketches and turn them into sellable products quickly and at a fraction of the cost of traditional tooling. We use an aluminum insert system that allows us to quickly fabricate injection molds using our CNC machines. These molds are capable of producing thousands of parts using a variety of resins.

Radioform has the capability of using your CAD design, or we can design your wireless enclosure from scratch. Using the latest in 3D modeling software, we can create an assembly drawing of your entire wireless product to ensure fit/function. We can also create virtual renderings of your enclosure so you will be able to see exactly what it will look like before we begin mold tooling. Using our extensive experience in remote control design and wireless product development, Rdioform is equipped to make sure the enclosure you get is the perfect fit for your wireless product. We work closely with our wireless design affiliate, RF Laboratories, to ensure the viability of your produc'ts design.

Inexpensive Radio Enclosures

Radioform specializes in producing plastic enclosures for wireless products at a fraction of the price of our competitors. We will assist you in finding the most cost effective method for creating your part. By making small modifications to your part design, Radioform can simplify your enclosure and further reduce cost and lead time. For instance, by avoiding the use of undercuts, your part can be made in a simple straight pull mold. Undercut through holes can also be added post-molding on our high speed CNC machine.

Whether you need a simple keyfob or a larger plastic enclosure, Radioform can assist you with design challenges associated with wireless enclosures such as battery access, PCB mounting, helmholz chambers, ESD considerations, and dielectric interference issues. Our extensive experience with wireless product enclosures means that we will be able to guide you through the design process and suggest modifications that will help you avoid potential problems. Radioform can work closely with its affiliates, Radios, Inc., RF Laboratories, and Radios OEM to take your idea from concept to reality. From enclosure design and mold tooling, to electrical engineering, to manufacturing, Radioform and its affiliates will take your project from start to finish.

Radioform knows that low cost plastic enclosures are essential for the success of your wireless product. Therefore, we do everything we can to make your mold tooling and part production as efficient and low cost as possible. By using an insert system with easily machinable aluminum, your plastic enclosure mold can be tooled quickly and inexpensively. Depending on the size of your enclosure, Radioform can mold multiple parts or several different parts in the same mold. This saves time and money in the tooling process as well as during injection. Multiple cavity molds mean fewer injection cycles, less machine time, and less resin waste. Let Radioform show you how inexpensive plastic enclosures can be.

Complete Molding Services

Radioform offers complete turn-key custom injection molding services from part design through injection.

Our services and capabilities include but are not limited to:

-Specialization in remote control enclosure design

-Part design, mold tooling, plastic injection

-3D models of your part including assemblies and virtual renderings

-Mold fabrication using our aluminum insert system

-Molds capable of producing thousands of parts.

-Extremely short lead times on simple parts.

-Post molding operations including adding through holes, threads, etc.

-Clam shell packaging


Let Radioform quote your next part and see how inexpensive plastic parts can be.

Pad Printing & Silk Screening

Radioform can customize the appearance of your radio enclosure through pad printing and silk screening of logos, serial numbers, or any other text or graphics you may want.

RF Shielding

Radioform can protect your product from RFI by applying a spray-on RF shielding or through the use of custom made aluminum shielding enclosures .

Manufacturing Tools

Radioform also manufactures tools for low volume SMT assembly and programming. These products range from ESD assembly tools, to custom soldering fixtures, to in-circuit programing fixtures. Working closely with our manufactuing affiliate, Radios OEM, Radioform's engineers have developed tools that are effecient, easy to use, and durable. Whether you need something as simple as an ESD tray for holding loose components, or a custom programming fixture, Radioform has the knowledge and experience to design and fabricate tools that will save time and lower your unit cost.

Three of our products make up a complete system for ESD safe assembly and storage of surface mount components. The ESDTRAY is an ESD safe tray for holding surface mount components during assembly or storage. These trays are molded from ESD ABS plastic and are made to hold small loose components during assembly or storage. The AC-30 is a low profile assembly carousel which accepts 30 ESDTRAYs. This carousel works great for prototyping applications where a limited number of boards are being produced. The ESDTRAYs can be easily and efficiently stored using the TSC-20 tray storage carrier. This carrier holds 20 trays and easily slides in and out of a flat filing cabinet. This storage and assembly system is the perfect solution for cramped and disorganized work spaces. Datasheets and pricing information for these products can be found at the Radios, Inc. website.